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For an honest appraisal of any plumbing problem, call the plumber Ashburton relies on.

When you need work done you need to trust the advice from the plumber you call to your home or business in Ashburton. You need to know the advice they give you is the best and that the cost of the work competes with others in the area.

You need to feel confident that the workmanship is of the highest standard and that shortcuts won’t be taken. Basically you need to trust the plumber you call in Ashburton because their advice and work can be the difference between a positive and negative experience.

David knows the district well and has clients dating back years. Clients who know they can contact him in the knowledge that the work will be done as well as possible and for a fair price.

So how can we help? Well we do the lot when it comes to the industry. We can clear drains and pipes, we are accredited to work with gas, can create great looking and functional bathrooms and kitchens and on top of that, we are extremely easy to work with.

The plumber you settle on in Ashburton should know the area as different councils have different requirements. Because we’ve been plumbing in the district for years you can trust that we know what to do and how to do it so that all our work complies with all levels of government.

So what about price? How do we do a great job while keeping prices low? Experience!

We offer the practical, cost effective solutions and do the work efficiently.

All of which contribute to the bottom line.

So when you need a plumber in Ashburton, think David Cornwall Plumbing.

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